Unique Promotional Strategies Case Study


A leading biopharma company was looking for company-sponsored/partnered branded/unbranded tools/content with a specific focus on orphan diseases to tailor its own marketing strategy for its gene therapy ophthalmology product
  • Octavus screened and categorized relevant results: relevant tools were identified and categorized in 3 broad themes based on targeted ~20 orphan products/companies in areas of oncology, ophthalmology, neurology & immunology
  • We gathered all the relevant information on the tools, content, and unique marketing and promotional strategies of companies, products and therapy area in a tabular summary in the proposed categories
  • Our team collected all the relevant information, features and key distinguishing factors related to the marketing campaign along with the key messages


Octavus conducted vigorous and exhaustive research and analysis to find common and unique promotional strategies across each sub-themes. This helped our client to rapidly formulate their own marketing campaign for its ophthalmology brand with very high precision

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